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Depression Articles

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Light Therapy Can Help Seasonal Affective Disorder and Major Depression

03 Dec 2015 | 243,865 Views

And the best part is, this remarkable mood booster is also way cheaper. Seriously, this 8-week study will make your jaw drop and shake your head at doctors who are still handing out antidepressants like candy...

The Biggest Cause of Anxiety and Depression Is Traumatic Life Events

19 Nov 2015 | 88,446 Views

New research sheds light on the major emotional toll caused by traumatic life experiences... and what you can do to overcome it.

Scientific Links Between Processed Foods and Depression Keep Getting Stronger

16 Jul 2015 | 311,745 Views

Research shows that this culprit can seriously undermine your brain function and can induce dementia over time... along with a few sidekicks. Replace with this brain-healthy food for a happy mood and bright outlook. It's a downright simple way to kick endorphins into action.

How Nutritional and Alternative Treatments Can Help You Avoid Using Drugs for Depression

01 Mar 2015 | 391,788 Views

Almost everyone loves this food, but it can cause depression in some people. And if so, no drug can ever resolve your symptoms. So don't agree to Black Box addictive drugs till you know the real cause - and this is just one of many surprising underlying causes possible.

Advances in Understanding of Depression Offers New Hope

22 Jan 2015 | 431,311 Views

While you hear lots of unproven talk about "unbalanced brain chemicals," there are other biological factors that matter more when it comes to depression. And they're things you're exposed to every day of your life. Treat depression without drugs with these 3 simple eating changes.

Important Factors Typically Ignored in Mental Health Screening Tests

23 Oct 2014 | 264,447 Views

Today, 11% of Americans over 12, and one-fourth of women aged 40 to 50 take this drug that's not been shown to work better than a placebo. And sadly, the things that DO help this condition are rarely mentioned. Here's what works far better than drugs.

Krill Oil Supplementation Lowers Your Triglycerides

10 Feb 2014 | 111,036 Views

High triglycerides increase your risk of heart disease, but taking krill oil may be a simple way to lower this risk.

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Depression, Pain, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Breast Cancer

02 Jan 2014 | 434,839 Views

Breast cancer has been described as a syndrome for this deficiency, much like the common cold or seasonal flu - and 90% of ordinary breast cancer may be related to it. Correcting it is easy, and may slash your risk of dying from a whole slew of cancers...

Sleep Therapy Seen as an Aid for Depression

19 Dec 2013 | 57,003 Views

Potentially groundbreaking new research may change standard therapy for depression to include non-drug therapies that address proper sleep.

Happiness and Laughter Are Natural Immune Boosters

12 Dec 2013 | 293,047 Views

It's simple, profound, and can have a major impact on your wellness and longevity. Yet you hardly ever hear it from doctors or the press, possibly because they can't bottle it and sell it. Is this why some people beat illnesses they statistically "should" die from?


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