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Depression Not Caused by Chemical Imbalance

18 Jan 2018 | 95,547 Views

The widely held belief that depression is due to low levels of serotonin or other chemicals in your brain is only a theory - one that's been largely disproven. Antidepressants targeting the chemical imbalance theory remain the go-to treatment for this condition nonetheless, doing those suffering a great and dangerous disservice.

Alternative Treatments Effective for Depression

02 Nov 2017 | 37,631 Views

About two-thirds of people with depression do not get treated, and those that do often end up on antidepressants with serious risks and limited, if any, effectiveness. Explore the many options available to relieve depression and improve your emotional health naturally.

Study: 12 Percent of Depression Could Be Prevented With 1 Hour of Exercise a Week

19 Oct 2017 | 25,451 Views

Physical activity is an excellent tool for relieving depression, but new research suggests you can experience benefits with as little as one hour of exercise a week. Beyond recovery, this very moderate amount of exercise may even help prevent depression in the first place.

Vegetarians Twice as Likely To Be Depressed

14 Sep 2017 | 57,893 Views

If you're a vegetarian or vegan, you could be at a significantly higher risk of depression than your meat-eating counterparts, recent research shows. The reason why isn't fully understood, but it could be related to nutrient deficiencies that are affecting your mental health and more.

The Link Between Sugar and Depression

17 Aug 2017 | 174,632 Views

It's a major cause of depression - literally wreaks havoc on your mental health. Suppresses BDNF, a key growth hormone for healthy brain neurons - which are notoriously low in those with mental illness. Also affects dopamine, wrecks mitochondria and promotes inflammation. Best ditch it today.

Your Gut Can Help Fight Depression and High Blood Pressure

10 Aug 2017 | 84,952 Views

The health of your gut microbiota is intricately tied to that of your whole body, from your blood pressure to your mood and much more in between. Even your bone marrow is involved in the complex dance between your gut, your brain, your immune system and your overall health.

Depressed and Anxious Patients Receive More Than Half of All Opioid Prescriptions

27 Jul 2017 | 173,557 Views

You owe it to yourself to know the risks, and be willing to stand up to your doctor. After all, they're far better trained to hand out prescriptions than to suggest alternatives. Now this death toll every year tops that of the entire Vietnam War. There are many far safer alternatives.

Anxiety Overtakes Depression as No. 1 Mental Health Problem

29 Jun 2017 | 218,797 Views

Unfortunately, it's a sign of the times. The crazy world we're living in is taking its toll on Americans' health without many fully realizing. This medical condition is now so widespread, some have even ventured to suggest that if you're a human living in 2017 and you're not experiencing this, then you may not be normal.

Probiotics Help Reduce Symptoms of Depression

22 Jun 2017 | 192,256 Views

At a time when depression and emotional 'malaise' run rampart, the best solution may not be found in your medicine cabinet or on your doctor's prescription pad. Look here instead to get a handle on your body's serotonin levels for greater happiness and a brighter mood.

When Motherhood Leads to Depression

01 Jun 2017 | 23,002 Views

Suicide is the No. 1 cause of death among women in the first year post-partum. Women struggling with post-partum depression (PPD) may not seek help or realize their feelings are a form of mental illness - not a sign of bad parenting. If you're a new parent or parent-to-be, know the signs to watch for.